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    Portable Air Conditioning

    Portable Air Conditioner

    The Portable Cooling and Heating System

    Liftair Solutions provides a range of air conditioners to regulate your environment perfectly.An installed unit will always work better and be out of the way. However in circumstances where installation is not possible or a temporary solution is required, our new range of portable aircons have a new sleek design and are super-quiet. Either cooling only, or heating options are available. A 120mm flexible pipe (supplied) does need to be put out through a window or door to expel hot air.

    Available in 12000BTU which is suitable up to 24m² Delivered in Johannesburg for R 5,800.00 (excl VAT)


    • Auto Restart Function
    • Auto swing
    • Omni-directional Caster
    • Flexible Installation Kit
    • Self-evaporative System
    • Washable Filter
    • Sleep Mode
    • Self-diagnosis and Auto-protection
    • Noise level on high 51.6dB (A)

    Supplied With

    • 1.5m exhaust hose
    • window slider
    • slider cover
    • exhaust hose window adapter
    • remote control


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