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    Whirlybird Ventilators

    Whirlybird Ventilation

    The Whirlybird is a wind driven ventilator that removes hot stale air from buildings, causing a low pressure that allows fresh air back in via doors and windows. The first solution for cooling down your environment. Turbine ventilators keep indoor environments cooler and healthier. They use no electricity and turn using only wind and convection.

    General features:

    • Can be fitted to almost any roof up to a 32° pitch
    • Requires no maintenance
    • Are completely silent
    • Are waterproof
    • Keep dust and pollutants from coming into the building
    • Are SABS approved
    • Can be used in confined spaces such as containers
    • Can be used to enhance the effectiveness of chimney flues.


    • Cooling and ventilation – the primary benefit of turbine ventilators is that they efficiently remove hot, stale and polluted air from buildings
    • Cost effective as they require no running costs or maintenance
    • In winter, ventilation removes moisture-laden air which causes structural damage and mould to grow
    • Reducing the building’s heat load will assist in reducing air conditioning bills in summer.
    • The steady flow of air through ventilation clears out airborne contaminants and replenishes oxygen levels in the air, creating a fresh, clean environment.

    Without Turbines

    With Turbines




    • 300mm Whirlybird galvanized steel (GT-12) – R 1,115.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 30m²)
    • 300mm Whirlybird aluminium – R 1,131.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 30m²)
    • 350mm Whirlybird aluminum – R 1,210.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 35m²)
    • Available in two sizes: either 300mm or 350mm diameter throat
    • The 300mm is available in aluminium or galvanized steel (GT-12)
    • The 350mm is available in aluminium The Whirlybird is backed by a five-year warranty
    • The GT-12 has a one-year warranty



    • 250mm Cyclovent galvanized steel – R 1,377.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 45m²)
    • 250mm Cyclovent aluminium – R 1,565.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 45m²)
    • 450mm Cyclovent galvanized steel – R 2,929.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 100m²)
    • 450mm Cyclovent aluminium – R 3,249.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 100m²)
    • 610mm Cyclovent galvanized steel – R 3,688.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 150m²)
    • 610mm Cyclovent aluminium – R 4,071.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 150m²)
    • Available in three sizes: 250mm, 450mm & 610mm diameter throat
    • All sizes available in either galvanized steel or aluminium
    • The Cyclovent has been tested at wind speeds exceeding 180 km/hour with no adverse affects
    • Backed by a three-year warranty


    LP Vent

    • 500mm LP Vent (aluminium alloy) – R 2,535.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 90m²)
    • 600mm LP Vent (aluminium alloy) – R 3,408.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 120m²)
    • Made of light-weight aluminium alloy that has a fluorocarbon protective coating that is rust and corrosion proof
    • Available in two sizes: either 500mm or 600mm diameter throat
    • Available in a grey metal colour
    • Backed by a three-year warranty



    • 250mm Supavent (polycarbonate) – R 2,130.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 35m²)
    • Made from exceptionally strong UV-resistant ABS polymer which can withstand harsh sun without deterioration or colour fading and unlike steel vents rust will never be a problem
    • Can withstand winds of up to 180km/h
    • Available in green, ivory, red, black, grey or clear to match your roof, including a transparent version
    • 250mm throat diameter
    • Backed by a five-year warranty covering defective materials and manufacture



    • 510mm Twister galvanized steel – R 3,266.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 90m²)
    • 510mm Twister aluminium – R 4,260.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 90m²)
    • 610mm Twister galvanized steel – R 3,408.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 120m²)
    • 610mm Twister aluminium – R 4,544.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 120m²)
    • Available in either high quality, light-weight aluminium or rugged galvanized mild steel
    • Available in two sizes: either 510mm or 610mm diameter throat
    • Backed by a five-year warranty against defective materials & manufacture



    • 240mm Roofwhirly (plastic) – R 1,351.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 34m²)
    • 240mm Sewervent (plastic) – R 1,172.00 (excl VAT)
    • 240mm-110mm pipe adaptor – R 781.00 (excl VAT)
    • 500mm Roofwhirly (plastic) – R 2,776.00 (excl VAT) (Does +/- 90m²)
        • Made completely from top virgin polypropylene with UV stabaliser which can withstand harsh sun without deterioration or colour fading and unlike steel vents rust will never be a problem
        • The 240mm is available in silver, green, terracotta, grey, charcoal, black, beige, slate grey or ivory
        • The 500mm is available in silver only
        • The 240mm Sewervent is made to fit  a 240mm pipe or can have a 240mm-110mm pipe adaptor as optional extra.  Available in charcoal, silver or white

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