All air-conditioning systems have mechanical components and filters which, like your car, need maintenance on a regular basis for optimal performance. Protect your investment by servicing and doing the required maintenance at the recommended intervals. Regardless of air conditioning system you own, it is recommended that you service at least once a year to prevent damage. Most new systems will only hold warranties if serviced accordingly.

Guidelines for Service Intervals

  • Refrigerative air-conditioners for residential applications should be serviced every 6-months, while refrigerative systems for offices and commercial applications should be serviced every 3-months, as they have longer operating hours.
  • Evaporative cooling units for residences can be serviced once a year while commercial and industrial units should be serviced bi-annually.
Regular servicing ensures that the system’s gas pressures are right, and that filters are cleaned and unblocked. This takes a huge strain off the compressor and allows the systems to the breathe and also promotes a stronger air flow into the room.

Liftair Solutions will gladly do once-off servicing but will negotiate better pricing for a service contract for a 2-year period.


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