Breezair Evaporative Cooling is the obvious choice for cooling large areas, or just a section within a big open space (called spot cooling). It’s more effective than ventilation fans or whirlybirds as it cools the air up to 10°C on the Highveld. Evaporative Cooling is cheaper to install and maintain and most importantly, about 80% cheaper to run than standard refrigerative air-conditioning systems.

Evaporative cooling can be incorporated into any environment, whether it’s staff or product you wish to keep cool, happy and productive. School classrooms, halls, conference centers, warehouses, shops, gyms, offices, showrooms, production lines or simple stores all become cool and comfortable environments to work in; with the help of evaporative cooling.

Single units generally cool between 150m²and 200m² area or multiple units can be used, all working off multiple or single control panels for optimal control. Cooling, humidity, airflow and positive pressure can all be controlled via smart controls.

cooling spaces warehouse

The cooler is generally roof mounted with a vertical galvanized duct into a plenum air distributor, which can be adjusted to supply air in the desired direction. Most types of ducting can be specifically designed to suite almost any requirement.

For applications with ceilings and possibly partitions we can use flexible ducting onto ceiling grills for each area.

cooling spaces warehouse

If roof installation is not possible, we can wall mount the units and discharge the air sideways into your area.

cooling spaces warehouse

Spot cooling a few employees within a large space can easily be done with our smaller installed units or even portable units if the employees move within the workspace throughout the day. The overflow air will give secondary cooling benefit to the rest of the warehouse as well as positive pressure and fresh air.

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