Evaporative cooling is one of the healthiest and most cost-efficient means of cooling air in buildings, achieving a saving of up to 80% of energy costs compared with air conditioning. Evaporative cooling offers many benefits to people in homes and larger building spaces such as shops, churches, factories and warehouses. Ever wondered why being next to a waterfall is so cool and refreshing? It’s because of natural evaporation – Nature’s very own cooling process. Breezair employs high-tech features to harness Nature’s process. Breezair brings large volumes of air into efficient contact with water-saturated cooling pads, thereby cooling the air significantly and gently moisturising it too.

Evaporative cooling diagram 1   Evaporative cooling diagram 2



The Breezair Icon series of evaporative coolers offer a new generation of direct drive invertor centrifugal fan evaporative coolers using revolutionary ‘Hushpower’ motor technology. This, in combination with the light-weight fan with its aerofoil vanes, makes the Icon the world’s quietest ducted evaporative cooling system. It is soundless within your home and will not disturb your neighbours. The Icon range comes in standard roof colours.

Breezair Icon range:

  • ICON 130
  • ICON 170
  • ICON 210
Breezair ICON evaporative cooler cut away


Ideal for, but not restricted to, commercial premises where aesthetics are important. TBA coolers are quieter and have more air-pushing power than any other axel-driven cooler available.

Breezair TBA range:

  • TBA 450
  • TBA 550
Breezair TBA evaporative cooler cut away


The Coolair CPL range of evaporative coolers offer our most economical cooler without compromising on build quality and reliability.

Coolair CPL range:

  • CPL 700
  • CPL 1100
Coolair evaporative cooler cut away